The BRE Trust

The Trust commissions research into the challenges faced by the built environment and publishes project findings which act as
authoritative guidance to the construction industry. Through its activities, the Trust aims to achieve:

• A higher quality built environment

• Built facilities that offer improved functionality and value for money

• A more efficient and sustainable construction sector with a higher
level of innovative practice

BRE Trust Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To enrich the lives and businesses of citizens by supporting the delivery of
sustainable buildings, communities and cities.

Our Mission

To enable transformational change within the built environment through
research, demonstration and education as a premier charitable Trust.


1. To grow the size and impact of the programme

2. To extend international research delivery and influence

3. To increase global outreach and engagement

4. To support integrated lifetime learning

5. To maintain and protect reputation and independence

6. To actively support the success of the built environment sector

BRE Trust Impact Sphere of influence

The research we carry out and the knowledge we have generated helps those working across the built environment to create better buildings, infrastructure, and communities. We aim to influence social, environmental, and economic change for the benefit of people. The BRE Trust sphere of influence has shown explicit focus on new international partnerships, and extension of funding as we actively support the uptake of innovation and extension of learning and skills in particular.