Dr Ed Suttie

Ed is a Research Director at BRE. He leads a team delivering research, consultancy and testing programmes on timber, health and wellbeing and material sustainability sponsored by industry, UK Government and the European Commission. Ed has worked with the timber industry for 25 years on innovative products, resource efficiency, optimising supply chains and service life … Continue reading “Dr Ed Suttie”

Dr Ricardo Codinhoto

Ricardo is an Architect and Urban Planner with an MSc in Integrated Design and a PhD in Design Theory and Evidence-Based Design. He is a leading academic in the field of Architecture, Built Environment and Design specialising in Decision-making in design. His research focus is on multidisciplinary decision-making in the areas of Evidence-based Design, Design … Continue reading “Dr Ricardo Codinhoto”

Nathan Goode

As a Director, Nathan leads on the Portal’s methodological approach and embedding social value in procurement, as well as managing a number of key client relationships. He brings over 20 years’ experience working on the procurement of major public sector projects and with large and small companies in energy, clean-tech and sustainability. Previously a partner … Continue reading “Nathan Goode”

Sir James Wates CBE

Sir James has worked for the Wates Group since 1983 and has been Chairman since 2013. He was first appointed to the Board in 1997. He is chairman of the Nominations Committee. Outside of the company, Sir James is Chairman of the CBI Construction Council, Co-chair of Infrastructure Exports: UK, and Chairman of the BRE … Continue reading “Sir James Wates CBE”

Alan Somerville

Alan is a member of the BRE Executive Committee and leads the Building Performance Group which is the largest division of the organisation consisting of 200 people and delivering benchmarking, analytical & consulting solutions for buildings and infrastructure across the world. During 2018 the division provided solutions in 83 countries to both public and private … Continue reading “Alan Somerville”

Professor Katherine Royse

Katherine is responsible for the development of BGS digital data and data technology strategies, ensuring organisational evolution and efficient and effective exploitation of BGS digital assets to create science and business value. Her research focuses on the development of novel methods and techniques to gain added-value from BGS’s data holdings. Most recently Katherine has lead … Continue reading “Professor Katherine Royse”

Sue Adams

Sue is the Chief Executive of Care & Repair England, a national charity established in 1986 to improve the housing and living conditions of older and disabled people. Sue has contributed to successive governments’ policies concerning housing and ageing. She chairs the national Housing & Ageing Alliance and Home Adaptations Consortium, serving on a government, … Continue reading “Sue Adams”

Raman Chagger

Raman, an Applied Research Scientist, is passionate about collaborating with industry to identify and perform innovative research work to help build a better world. His activities to date have been in the general field of fire safety for which he manages research projects to create new knowledge and works with stakeholders to implement the findings … Continue reading “Raman Chagger”

Jamie Richardson

Jamie has experience working on shelter and infrastructure programs for over 20 years including man-made and natural disasters. He trained as an architectural technologist but has also worked in construction logistics and project management. His background includes work in training, education, research and development. His current role is focused on promoting sustainable approaches and strengthening … Continue reading “Jamie Richardson”

Dr Long Seng To

Long Seng is an Engineering for Development Research Fellow funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering at Loughborough University. Her research tackles the challenge of providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all (UN Sustainable Development Goal 7) in the context of increasing stresses and shocks, such as climate change, disasters and … Continue reading “Dr Long Seng To”