BRE has undertaken many independent and collaborative research projects looking at both the individual elements of biophilic design and the concept as a whole. In addition to the Biophilic Office project, there have been numerous studies that have enhanced industries biophilic understanding. These projects are outlined below…

Timber and healthy buildings

Studies have shown that natural materials, patterns, products and textures have a calming and restorative quality. The role of natural materials on occupant wellbeing is being increasingly recognized.

In a recent BRE Trust supported project, BRE experts were commissioned by TRADA to produce an information sheet on specifying timber for healthy buildings, which was launched at the TTJ Wood and Wellness industry event in London in February 2019. it provides accessible expertise that will help readers to learn directly and source further information on the issues of timber in healthy buildings, and enhance knowledge of the issue in the construction sector.

This TRADA Wood Information Sheet is available from here

Biophilic Design Research Poster

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