BRIMEE: Cost-effective and sustainable bio-renewable indoor materials with high potential for customisation and creative design in energy efficient buildings.

The challenge of today lies in the accomplishment of sustainable and low-energy buildings, which can combine at the same time the thermal insulation properties with healthy, comfortable, accessible and safe indoor environment.

Reduction of the energy demand through the use of insulating materials still remains a challenge for European architects and building designers as well as materials producers. Beside good and consistent thermal and acoustic performance overtime, a good and marketable insulation material should in fact be self-extinguishing, not degradable, unshrinkable or not-settling, safe during handling and installation, low cost and should not pollute the indoor building environment, while having a low embodied energy, proven through LCA assessment.

BRIMEE project aims to develop a new material that can combine the different benefits of the current state of art of insulation materials, the insulation (thermal and noise barrier effects) with a whole bio-based origin, leading to the final material and product that is healthy and effective.

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