Chris and Sally’s house

The creation of a dementia friendly home and the collaborative effort to drive research into independent living was based on the various demographic, economic and social strains we are experiencing. With an increasingly aging population and the inherent increase in those with age-related illness such as dementia, this timely research, dissemination and demonstration project has focused on addressing knowledge gaps in the subject matter.

Through collaborative research and innovation this project has resulted in 3 key outputs

  • A demonstration project show casing how design can enable aging home occupiers to retain their capacity to live safely and comfortably in their homes.
  • A research platform that allows for evidence based research into living with age related illness such as dementia.
  • A learning tool that will assist sufferers, carers, developers and institutions in care, health and housing sectors to understand how new housing design can be improved to cater for aging in place.

Chris and Sally’s house, the dementia friendly home, is based on the follow 6 key principles:

Application of these 6 principles can be seen throughout the design and products implemented throughout the house and the research that underlines these.