Design for Dementia – Homes For Life

The Office for National Statistics have projected that within the next 50 years there will be 8.6 million more people aged over 65 years; equivalent to the population of London. With this growth in elderly population we can also expect to see any increase in age-related health problems such as dementia. By only 2025 we expect to see an increase of 150,000  people living with dementia, bringing the total to 1 million, most of whom would be over the age of 65 and living at home. This, in conjunction with the much of our future housing stock having already been built, much of which his owned by those over 50, has created a need for adaptation to our homes.

Dementia Friendly Home Demonstrator House – “Chris and Sally’s House”

With the support of the ‘Design for Dementia’ partnership, with the BRE Trust, Loughborough University, Halsall Lloyd Partnership, Mersey Care NHS, Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool, Innovate Dementia Europe, Intereg IVB, Dementia Action Alliance and SURF (Service Users Reference Forum), a demonstration home presenting evidence based design, adaptation and support solutions has been developed.

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