ECO-SEE Eco Innovative safe and energy efficient wall panels and mater

The BRE Centre for Innovative Materials at the University of Bath is leading a European consortium of 18 project partners, including BRE on the ECO-SEE Project

“The ECO-SEE project aims to address an emerging health problem associated with modern low carbon buildings. Modern buildings have been developed to be very airtight, improving their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. However, these sealed environments have created unexpected side effects, with research showing that a build-up of potentially harmful chemicals in the air is potentially causing negative impacts on occupants.

The ECO-SEE project studies the use of innovative eco-building materials that will address poor air quality, while also radically improving the energy efficiency of buildings.”

Through the project the researchers have developed highly insulated wall panels treated using novel chemical processes to enhance the capacity of building materials to capture VOCs. The team has also developed highly novel photocatalytic coatings using nanoparticle technology, which decompose harmful chemicals when exposed to sunlight, preventing them from being released into the air.

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