Flood Resilience Products

The overall resilience of a property can be vastly enhanced by the addition of innovative product solutions that aid both the resistance to flooding and the recoverability post-flood. While there are many available products and innumerable combinations that can be applied to any given building to best suits its specific needs, the following products can be found in the BRE Flood Resilient House.

Water Resistant Insulation

Water resistant insulation in the walls and under the floor can contribute to preventing water from gaining access to the property. This includes products such as spray-applied PUR foam or injected foam cavity insulation.

One-way valves

With multiple water pipes running in and out of house holds, one-way valves on the main drains and those with no manual valve (i.e. toilets) can prevent water coming up through those channels.

Magnesium Oxide Wall Boards

Unlike traditional plasterboard, magnesium oxide wall boards are water resistant, providing a further layer of protection from encroaching flood waters.


Installed within the walls and flooring, specially designed impermeable membranes prevent water from entering the building; reducing risk and prolonging the integrity of the structure.

Drain channels and Sump-Pump

Installing drains into the floor can channel water directly to sump-pumps that automatically pump flood water to the outside before it can fill inside the building.

Airbrick covers

Airbricks are access points for flood waters. Either permanent covers or one-way flow covers act as a resilient barrier to water entry.