Healthy Cities Index

The predicted growth of cities around the world provides opportunities to build places that will promote equality, reduce our impact on the environment and ensure economic success. Preparing for the challenges of cites in the future and managing the risks of today’s cities goes beyond smart urban-scale infrastructure. Technologies and solutions range from the scale of sensors in homes to resilient transport infrastructure, all of which combine to ensure urban areas bring about the best outcomes for people and are built to withstand the uncertainties of the future.

Following the two year thematic research programme on Future Cities, a wealth of knowledge has been produced that will help in understanding how the built environment will be able to address future city challenges.

At BRE we continue to develop the science behind our emerging Healthy Cities Index which is an ongoing research programme funded by the BRE Trust. The aim of this index is to help city policy and decision-makers easily understand the impact of the built environment on health and wellbeing. Stay tuned for further updates as this progresses.