RISE-Renewable Integrated & Sustainable Electric Heating System

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In the UK there over 25 million domestic dwellings. More than 80% of these homes depend on gas boilers to provide space and hot water heating. Against the context of dwindling UK gas reserves, increased sensitivity to gas supplies sourced internationally and the potential for unsustainable growth in peak time electricity generation, there is a growing imperative to seek alternative heating systems. RISE (Renewable Integrated & Sustainable Electric Heating System) is such an alternative, all-electric heat pump with storage heating system that avoids the use of peak time power.

The RISE Project built on the earlier technical validation of the concept, to carry out live trials in up to four apartments in a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) in Eastbourne. This live demonstration utilised optimising controls to simultaneously control the occupants thermal comfort needs and the electricity demand profiles to provide a Smart Grid approach to sustainable heating for the UK, in real time.  The project’s outputs will support RISE towards commercialisation and manufacture.


Find out more about RISE here.