Developing a fire resilience index for buildings

The inclusion of “fire credits” has never been a credible option since BREEAM only values contributions over and above a regulatory compliance benchmark and typically fire protection focuses on providing regulatory compliance which is founded in life safety. However, there are many ways of achieving regulatory compliance with regards to fire safety and all approaches are not equal when consideration is given to the broader consequences of fires and fire protection measures in terms of their environmental, economic and societal impacts. There is currently no basis for quantitative evaluation of the impacts of passive fire protection products.

This project is working with industry to collate current market information on the common types of passive fire protection and applications, based on the UK fire statistics, the frequency of fires based on occupancy type, construction details, and where failures and successes have been recorded. This information will be correlated with fire loss data to develop a methodology for deriving a fire resilience index to enable comparative benchmarking of different regulatory compliant solutions.