Dr Gabriel dos Santos

Structural Engineering at Hertfordshire

Dr Gabriel dos Santos has been appointed as BRE Trust Senior Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire. The Trust has been supporting the University in its delivery of new BEng and MEng civil engineering courses.

This will extend the University’s capacity in teaching and student research in civil engineering, to ensure that graduating students have the knowledge and skills needed to meet industry needs.

Innovative teaching

Structural model of a three-storey building with horizontal diaphragms and vertical bracing system.

In Hertfordshire, Gabriel delivers high-level structural engineering modules, with project-based content complemented with practical demonstrations of structural engineering concepts.


Feedback from students:

During lectures he sometimes bring in/use props to help us visualise what he talks about which helps us understand the topic better. Also he explain everything in a step by step method as well as going over it again when needed.”

Level 6 student, MEng in Civil Engineering, 2019.

Gabriel has been a great lecturer even though its his first year of teacher. He is full of energy which helps us to stay attentive in class. During lecture, he brought in props to help us better understand the topic.”

Level 6 student, MEng in Civil Engineering, 2019.

Research in Structural Engineering

Gabriel’s research interests lie on the understanding of the structural behaviour of steel and composite focusing on the development of more efficient and sustainable design solutions. He has been supervising PhD and MSc candidates in a wide range of structural engineering areas.

Recent research projects include:

  • design recommendations for stainless steel members under concentrated loading,
  • use of natural fibre composites in concrete structures, and
  • structural behaviour of functionally graded members.
Design recommendations for stainless steel beams under concentrated loading.

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