Real cost of poor housing

There is a long-established, recognised relationship between poor housing and poor health.

In 2010 the BRE Trust published the results of a research project which sought to quantify the cost of people living in poor housing in England to the National Health Service. This was possible because of the availability of information from the English Housing Survey on the risk of a home incident occurring and its likely impact on health, measured through the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), combined with information from the NHS on treatment costs.
It builds on data originally published in The real cost of poor housing in 2010, which have been revised to reflect new knowledge and information that has since become available. It is estimated (using revised NHS information) that leaving vulnerable people living in the poorest 15% of England’s housing is costing the NHS some £1.4 billion per annum in first-year treatment costs.

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