The BRE Trust commissions it’s partners to investigate new challenges and opportunities, providing the evidence-based data and information that industry needs to ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable built environment.

The programme focuses on:

  • Wider international context of industry and societal challenges
  • Connect and integrate with other world class researchers globally
  • Multidisciplinary approach and collaborative working to ensure outputs are shared widely.

Key Research Programme

Three key research programmes, ‘People’, ‘Properties’ and ‘Places’, provide focus points for the BRE Trust’s wide ranging activities. They particularly support the Trust’s ambition to extend its societal impact beyond the current knowledge and capabilities within BRE, and further develop partnerships with external organisations.



The social interaction of citizens with the built environment, exploring health, productivity, safety and wellbeing. Considering the impact of demographic changes and cultural differences on future assets.



The delivery of assets which are built and operated efficiently and sustainably, increasing value to businesses who occupy them. Resource efficiency, renewable and efficient energy and adaptability to future changes of use are critical factors.



The robustness and resilience of communities and cities to natural and man-made external environmental influences. Climatic effects, biodiversity and the interaction between buildings and their surroundings are a priority.

Video Flame and Smoke Detectors

Video Flame and Smoke Detectors

Developing test methods to assess video flame and video smoke detectors Video fire detectors emerged as a new means of ...
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