Our most recent graduates

Dr. Asseyla Katenbayeva

Traceability in the construction supply chain

Dr. Kostas Mourkos

Better prediction of overheating in new homes

Dr. Aurimas Bukauskas

Inventory-Constrained Structural Design Optimisation

Dr. Benjamin Ralph

Improving fire safety design with coupled hybrid modelling

Current Students

James Bradford

Next generation natural fibre reinforced geopolymers

Ahmad Wadee

Optimising phase change material use for energy- efficient buildings

Lorena Skevi

Bacteria-based Self-healing Concrete in Cold Climates

Vasilis Koutsomarkos

Developing a fire resilient assessment methodology for the built environment

Arjan Dexters

Testing for knowledge: Maximising information obtained from fire tests, using machine learning techniques

Ioanna Vrachimi

Low cost approach for characterisation of Residential Building stock for energy labelling

Daniel Franks

Building energy and environment: Measurement, data, analysis and interpretation

Alistair Wilson

Can Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) facilitate product–level traceability with effective information assurance?

Supported Lectureships

Dr Gabriel dos Santos

Structural Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire