Connected Homes

Emerging smart digital solutions present the opportunity for a step change in the way that we live, work an address key societal challenges. These smart solutions are enabled by advances in digital technology, our ability to make better use of data, and the creation of new and transformative data driven services and business models. The … Continue reading “Connected Homes”

Q-sand sustainable post-disaster rebuild

Q-SAND stands for Quantifying Sustainability in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters and draws on the standards developed by BREEAM. As a part of its commitment to sustainable development, International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) commissioned the development of the QSAND tool to promote sustainable shelter and settlement activities in the aftermath of natural disasters. So … Continue reading “Q-sand sustainable post-disaster rebuild”

Real cost of poor housing

There is a long-established, recognised relationship between poor housing and poor health. In 2010 the BRE Trust published the results of a research project which sought to quantify the cost of people living in poor housing in England to the National Health Service. This was possible because of the availability of information from the English … Continue reading “Real cost of poor housing”

The new Biophilic Office

Biophilic office

The Biophilic Office refurbishment project centres on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished, partnering with designer Oliver Heath who will lead on the design element, according to biophilic design principles. Biophilia (meaning a love of nature) focuses on a human’s innate attraction to nature and natural … Continue reading “Biophilic office”

Healthy Cities Index

The predicted growth of cities around the world provides opportunities to build places that will promote equality, reduce our impact on the environment and ensure economic success. Preparing for the challenges of cites in the future and managing the risks of today’s cities goes beyond smart urban-scale infrastructure. Technologies and solutions range from the scale … Continue reading “Healthy Cities Index”