Low Impact Materials

RISE-Renewable Integrated & Sustainable Electric Heating System

  In the UK there over 25 million domestic dwellings. More than 80% of these homes depend on gas boilers to provide space and hot water heating. Against the context of dwindling UK gas reserves, increased sensitivity to gas supplies sourced internationally and the potential for unsustainable growth in peak time electricity generation, there is … Continue reading “RISE-Renewable Integrated & Sustainable Electric Heating System”

Cloud for Co-ordination

The C4C project aims to address some of the core challenges arising for the construction industry from the increasingly widespread adoption of computerised Building Information Modelling (BIM) The C4C project addresses the issue of BIM “Ownership” by adopting the approach that each party involved creates and stores (and is responsible for) their own BIM information … Continue reading “Cloud for Co-ordination”

CAMBER – Concrete Additive Manufacturing for the Built Environment using Robotics

Concrete is widely used in construction due to its ability to provide structural capacity and function cost effectively and at scale. However, its role in construction does not lend itself to creativity in design. High-end clients typically demand state-of-the-art designs, presenting a challenge in a sector where every building is essentially different to the last. … Continue reading “CAMBER – Concrete Additive Manufacturing for the Built Environment using Robotics”