Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality

The indoor environment has a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of the population. People in industrialised countries spend approximately 90% of their time indoors with some vulnerable groups spending almost all of their time indoors. Good quality indoor air in buildings is, therefore, vital for the health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity of the … Continue reading “Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality”

BIM Manager Training

The CITB has highlighted how key site managers are in delivering BIM projects and that site managers have a key role to play in implementing BIM and ensuring successful adoption. BIM is about far more than simply adopting software, and site managers at the ‘sharp end’ will increasingly be required to adopt and apply BIM … Continue reading “BIM Manager Training”

Real cost of poor housing

There is a long-established, recognised relationship between poor housing and poor health. In 2010 the BRE Trust published the results of a research project which sought to quantify the cost of people living in poor housing in England to the National Health Service. This was possible because of the availability of information from the English … Continue reading “Real cost of poor housing”

The new Biophilic Office

Biophilic office

The Biophilic Office refurbishment project centres on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished, partnering with designer Oliver Heath who will lead on the design element, according to biophilic design principles. Biophilia (meaning a love of nature) focuses on a human’s innate attraction to nature and natural … Continue reading “Biophilic office”

Dementia – Independent living

Changing demographics, an ageing population, growing pressures on health and social care services, and a national housing shortage, make for an interesting mix of challenges which touch all elements of society and industry sectors. This has led to greater focus being placed on designing, refurbishing and creating dwellings which can support occupants at every stage … Continue reading “Dementia – Independent living”

Circadian lighting effects on health and wellbeing

Lighting is a key aspect of the indoor environment and evaluations of this environment need to take into account the potential for improvements based around controllable lighting. Research has shown that exposure to light, particularly blue light, can alter the body’s circadian clock (i.e. the natural, internal system that is designed to regulate feelings of … Continue reading “Circadian lighting effects on health and wellbeing”