Healthy Planning Policy & Monitoring in Southwark & Lambeth

Built environment professionals are increasingly interested in the relationship between places and health. Many guidance documents are available to inform planning policy-makers of the importance of planning and health, yet there remains uncertainty about exactly ‘what works’ with regard to specific design and policy measures. In part, this has been explained by a lack of … Continue reading “Healthy Planning Policy & Monitoring in Southwark & Lambeth”

International Standards Review

There are now a plethora of standards/schemes for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings that are operating from different regions around the world, including in Europe (e.g. BREEAM, HQE, DGNB), North America (e.g. LEED, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, WELL Building), the Middle East (e.g. Pearl), Asia (e.g. CASBEE, BEAM, Three Star, Green Mark) and … Continue reading “International Standards Review”

Developing data structures to allow buildings and communities to be systemised

The work to date has been focused on identifying the key building blocks of a mesh network that can be used to bring transparency to how buildings and communities work as part of a smart city system. The system will be focused on people and their needs and ultimately it may be customisable and outcome … Continue reading “Developing data structures to allow buildings and communities to be systemised”