Building blocks for more sustainable homes – Uganda

In a project supported by the BRE Trust sponsored 2018 Royal Charter International Research Award for Young Constructors, Alastair Marsh (University of Leeds) is working with a Ugandan NGO to test the use of waste organic material in manufactured building blocks to create a more sustainable and economically viable alternative. In particular, this project is … Continue reading “Building blocks for more sustainable homes – Uganda”

Connected Homes

Emerging smart digital solutions present the opportunity for a step change in the way that we live, work an address key societal challenges. These smart solutions are enabled by advances in digital technology, our ability to make better use of data, and the creation of new and transformative data driven services and business models. The … Continue reading “Connected Homes”

Design for deconstruction – helping the construction unlock the benefits of the circular economy

The emerging principles of the circular economy are driving greater resource efficiency. Construction and the built environment is the single biggest user of materials and generator of waste in the UK economy. Effectively dealing with buildings at the end of their life has the potential to unlock significant economic value. However the value that can … Continue reading “Design for deconstruction – helping the construction unlock the benefits of the circular economy”

The new Biophilic Office

Biophilic office

The Biophilic Office refurbishment project centres on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished, partnering with designer Oliver Heath who will lead on the design element, according to biophilic design principles. Biophilia (meaning a love of nature) focuses on a human’s innate attraction to nature and natural … Continue reading “Biophilic office”

LENDERS – EPC Mortgage

BRE and a partnership including mortgage lenders, building industry experts, green energy groups and sustainability bodies have joined forces to launch research into how to build a stronger link between energy costs, affordability and mortgage borrowing. Chaired by Nationwide Building Society, and marking the start of the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris (COP … Continue reading “LENDERS – EPC Mortgage”

PV Fire Risks Review

Over the last few years a number of media reports have made a link between specific fire incidents and photovoltaic (PV) power systems. With all electrical systems there is a small risk of fire. Given the prevalence of PV systems now in the UK, it is appropriate to investigate the potential for fire incidents Despite … Continue reading “PV Fire Risks Review”

Delivering sustainable buildings: Savings and payback

There is a growing need to demonstrate the value and benefits of BREEAM in order to increase voluntary uptake of BREEAM schemes. The recent part BRE Trust funded publication ‘Delivering sustainable buildings: Savings and payback’ reported research by BREEAM and Sweett Group that applied cost data from real construction projects to three case study buildings … Continue reading “Delivering sustainable buildings: Savings and payback”

Developing a fire resilience index for buildings

The inclusion of “fire credits” has never been a credible option since BREEAM only values contributions over and above a regulatory compliance benchmark and typically fire protection focuses on providing regulatory compliance which is founded in life safety. However, there are many ways of achieving regulatory compliance with regards to fire safety and all approaches … Continue reading “Developing a fire resilience index for buildings”

BRE DataLabs – An open platform for data sharing and reuse in the construction sector

There is a lot of data that BRE collects and not all of it is utilised properly. Access to data and information for things like programmes for computer software is key as building information modelling (BIM) and new technology comes into play and the ‘Internet of Things’ becomes more prevalent, the access to this data … Continue reading “BRE DataLabs – An open platform for data sharing and reuse in the construction sector”