Video Flame and Smoke Detectors

Developing test methods to assess video flame and video smoke detectors Video fire detectors emerged as a new means of fire detection around 15 years ago, particularly in large indoor spaces such as those in atria, warehouses and industrial complexes. Detection of fires in such spaces has traditionally been provided by optical beam smoke and … Continue reading “Video Flame and Smoke Detectors”

Building blocks for more sustainable homes – Uganda

In a project supported by the BRE Trust sponsored 2018 Royal Charter International Research Award for Young Constructors, Alastair Marsh (University of Leeds) is working with a Ugandan NGO to test the use of waste organic material in manufactured building blocks to create a more sustainable and economically viable alternative. In particular, this project is … Continue reading “Building blocks for more sustainable homes – Uganda”

Healthy Planning Policy & Monitoring in Southwark & Lambeth

Built environment professionals are increasingly interested in the relationship between places and health. Many guidance documents are available to inform planning policy-makers of the importance of planning and health, yet there remains uncertainty about exactly ‘what works’ with regard to specific design and policy measures. In part, this has been explained by a lack of … Continue reading “Healthy Planning Policy & Monitoring in Southwark & Lambeth”

Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality

The indoor environment has a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of the population. People in industrialised countries spend approximately 90% of their time indoors with some vulnerable groups spending almost all of their time indoors. Good quality indoor air in buildings is, therefore, vital for the health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity of the … Continue reading “Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality”

Connected Homes

Emerging smart digital solutions present the opportunity for a step change in the way that we live, work an address key societal challenges. These smart solutions are enabled by advances in digital technology, our ability to make better use of data, and the creation of new and transformative data driven services and business models. The … Continue reading “Connected Homes”

Design for deconstruction – helping the construction unlock the benefits of the circular economy

The emerging principles of the circular economy are driving greater resource efficiency. Construction and the built environment is the single biggest user of materials and generator of waste in the UK economy. Effectively dealing with buildings at the end of their life has the potential to unlock significant economic value. However the value that can … Continue reading “Design for deconstruction – helping the construction unlock the benefits of the circular economy”

Real cost of poor housing

There is a long-established, recognised relationship between poor housing and poor health. In 2010 the BRE Trust published the results of a research project which sought to quantify the cost of people living in poor housing in England to the National Health Service. This was possible because of the availability of information from the English … Continue reading “Real cost of poor housing”

Resilience – energy security

There are increasing threats to the abilities of communities and individual building owners and managers to buffer the impacts of balancing changing energy needs with associated threats from increasingly volatile and expensive energy prices, uncertainty around security of supply, changing international relationships, increasing cyber threats, and the challenges associated with the transition to a low … Continue reading “Resilience – energy security”