University of Bath

BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, currently has 37 PhD studentships in progress. 18.2 equivalent full time academic staff, 8 research associate and 1 honorary staff. BRE Trust is directly sponsoring 5 PhD students in the centre. The Centre is leading the way in researching solutions to the environmental impacts of construction and infrastructure. Developing the use of radical, low-carbon building materials and reinforcement technologies for the construction industry, the Centre is assisting in reducing the UK’s eco footprint – vital to mitigate the projected doubling of cement-based CO2 emissions by 2050.

Ahmad Wadee

Optimising phase change material use for energy- efficient buildings

Andrea Giampiccolo

Andrea Giampiccolo

Development and evaluation of photo-catalytic coatings for improving the indoor air environment

Aurimas Bukauskas

Whole-Timber Structural Systems

Fiona Gleed

Fiona Gleed

Flood resilience: Reducing building drying time and indirect costs of flooding

James Bradford

Next generation natural fibre reinforced geopolymers

Will Hawkins

Simultaneous interactive form finding and structural optimisation for flexibility formed concrete structures