University of Strathclyde

BRE Trust centre of excellence in Energy Utilisation, since set up in 2004, BRE Trust has supported 22 PhD studentships, and has published 139 publication to date. Currently, BRE Trust is sponsoring 8 PhD research projects in the Energy Utilisation centre.

Partnered with BRE, Energy Utilisation Centre in University of Strathclyde is primarily focusing on the fundamental and applied research into sustainable energy utilisations within the built environment at both local and national scale. The aim of the Energy Utilisation Centre is to demonstrate the importance of the built environment energy utilisation, sustainable energy supply, and achieving better energy control in the future.

Energy Utilisation centre has a collaborative ambition a broad targets to grow research and education capacity for the built environment. Some key research area are included as follow:

  • Whole energy systems modelling and simulation
  • Big data for energy service delivery
  • Investigation of energy utilisation technologies

Maria del Carmen Bocanegra-Yanez

Simulation-aided building design

Carlos Rodriguez Campos

A new life cycle assessment methodology for new and existing domestic buildings

Maddalena Iovene

Making the connection happen: A community regeneration framework for energy systems and low carbon solution

Valentina Bonetti

Valentina Bonetti

Dynamic Energy analysis for the built environment

Ciaran Higgins

Development strategies for future cities to ensure energy resilience

Donagh Horgan

Donagh Horgan

Social innovation systems for building Resilient Communities

Ioanna Vrachimi

Low cost approach for characterization of Residential Building stock for energy labelling